Five Gambling Influencers to Follow In 2023

Gambling Influencers to Follow In 2023

The widespread use of social media platforms has brought about the rise of influencers, or individuals who are not afraid to put themselves out there and whose posts aim to shape options and create trends. Without argument, such people affect consumer behavior via their online presence, and they attract followers through displays of relatability and expertise presented in their content. Nowadays, they have become prominent figures causing sizeable ripples in multiple industries. The online gambling sector is no exception to this new marketing fad. Hence, interactive gaming and sports betting have their fair share of influencers.

Following these persons can yield various benefits, as they customarily provide game and operator reviews, give the latest sphere scoops, and create hubs for exchanging information, opinions, and discussions. Most individuals have gained prominence on stages like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. Each has its unique feature, allowing users unique methods to showcase their content while building various revenue streams from their posting. Their income depends on many factors, such as subscriber count, followers’ donations, affiliate commissions, ads, and sponsorship deals. And their popularity stems from the charisma, authenticity, entertainment value, and communication skills they display.

Below, we rattle off five gambling influencers whose word carries substantial weight among online gamblers and periodically supply tips that can benefit novice and veteran sports and game bettors.

Big Cat

Big Cat, whose real name is Daniel Katz, is a famous US sports media personality who rose to fame via the sports podcast Pardon My Take. His notoriety can also get attributed to his connection to the media company Barstool Sports, known for its humorous commentary style and hot takes.

Born in 1985, Katz is a Massachusetts native who started his influencer journey in 2010 when he joined Twitter. Katz now has 1.6 million followers on the platform and almost 860,000 on Instagram. Though, most of his posts revolve around upcoming sports events. Big Cat also is an avid gambler. And he frequently shares his picks on Twitter. Without question, Katz has grown a mini-sports empire with Barstool Sports and is undoubtedly the number one sports podcaster in North America.

Payne Insider

Payne Insider is a trusted sports betting consulting service that advises hundreds of clients regarding money management principles and various wagering information. Apart from the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, Payne is famous for his meticulous analysis and predictions across multiple sports and US leagues. Initially beginning as a journalist, Payne’s approach to wagering combines trend and statistical analysis with intuitions while also attempting to leverage tools like historical data and proprietary algorithms.

Through its website, social media platforms, and podcast, Payne Insider offers premium betting services that entail sharing valuable insights and picks through personalized advice.

Francine Maric

Also known as Lady Luck, Francine is a YouTube personality born in Eaglewood, Colorado, who runs the channel Lady Luck HQ, which has three hundred and fifty thousand subscribers. She got up and running on YouTube in 2018 and primarily focuses on releasing videos about slots gambling in Sin City, shedding light on how much money Vegas low-rollers make, and similar things.

Though she chiefly advertises US brands, Maric also works with international operators. She has a wealth of experience in digital marketing and even has a clothing line selling hoodies, shirts, socks, and more. Aside from informing her viewers on how her gaming sessions went in the world’s most known gambling spot, Francine also likes to stream live on YouTube and Facebook and share tips concerning jackpot games.

Dave Dealer

Dave Dealer owns the domain, Facebook, and Twitter pages using this name. Unlike many other gambling influencers, Dave knows what it is like to be on the other side of the table, as he has worked as a croupier for many years on cruise ships before turning to consulting gamblers.

Today, Dave tries to tell players how to take advantage of the best online casino bonuses and give in-depth analyses of which games they should select. He has teamed up with some of the more renowned US brands to give his readers the correct set of instruments to win big by supplying them with actionable content, such as how-to guides.

Narek Gharibyan

Narek founded the YouTube channel NG Slot, dedicated to dominantly reel-spinning machines. The page now has over four hundred and sixty subscribers, unleashing two videos per day. Gharibyan also has a second channel – Having Fun with NG Slot, that boasts almost a thirty thousand subscriber count.

In short, most of Narek’s content consists of this gambler of Armenian descent traveling around the country playing one-armed bandits and sharing his real-life experiences with his viewers. He is careful about posting his wins and losses so that no one knows that gambling is a surefire method to make money. Many cite Narek’s passion for gambling as the number one reason so many of his fellow reel-spinning aficionados enjoy his videos.

To Sum Up

Online gambling is an ever-growing landscape, with millions of people betting over the Internet and many more joining them yearly. Hence, influencers are beginning to play an ever-expanding role in this sector, dramatically affecting industry trends. Aside from the five mentioned ones, others are RocknRolla, Casino Daddy, Dasha Downey, and David Labowsky.

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